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We provide our guests with an unforgettable experience by combining inspiring dishes, attentive service, and welcoming hospitality.

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capture the spirit of island culture

Café Caribbean is a vibrant restaurant that brings diners the tastes of Trinidad and Tobago cuisine. Our mission is to provide an authentic cultural experience while offering unique flavors from islands of the Caribbean Sea.

Delight in every bite

Our Chef Recommend

Delicious, mouth-watering Curry Chicken, with a kick of Caribbean Spice. 

Curry Chicken

Make food, not war

Our Menus

Main Course

Curry Chickpeas and Potatoes

Chicken / Chickpeas / Potatoes

Steamed Fish

Fish/ Beans / Rice

Curry Chicken

Curry/ Chicken / Spicy


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Cafe Caribbean

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Jett Niemeyer
Jett Niemeyer
The staff act they absolutely love their jobs. They’re energetic and very nice. I ordered the curry chicken with roti. Very good just make sure you pronounce it “Curry Chicken” and not “Chicken Curry.” Wonderful spot for lunch and absolutely deserving of your business.
Dylan Viau
Dylan Viau
Amazing place great people super friendly and outgoing staff delicious food and very welcoming to new comers would highly recommend 10/10 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
t t
t t
The delicious smell coming from the restaurant was enough to draw me in. WOW. Great service and a great meal to-go. I will be back for sure! A little neighbourhood hidden gem.
Guyf Diaquoi
Guyf Diaquoi
Awesome place to go in the food is delicious love it the lady at the front was very polite and professional I had the chance to meet the owner Wich took the time to explain all the great spices and different type of food she cook
Val Palutke
Val Palutke
The doubles are amazing, totally recommend! everything is so delicious and the braised pork just melts in your mouth, just great food. The service is SO good, everyone is so kind, and fun to talk with! 100% recommended for people to come here. 😝❤️
Eliane Ngan
Eliane Ngan
The location is just the best of all, I personally like the place, the environment, the customer service,..., but the food, only thinking about it always makes me eager to go back, specially the steam fish, oh Lord that fish always brings me to a place where even the word or the imagination of happiness is small to compare it with, the fish is terrific, when you take it and drink the juice they make there " Sorrel",Lord, I have no word to explain how tasty, good it is. The oxtail is good too, but the fish... people please taste the food from Cafe Caribbean and you will be amazed. I recommend one hundred percent, the best place to eat at, in Alberta, and Canada.
Abeeku Kilson
Abeeku Kilson
The food is good here. My plantain was a little overcooked when I ordered Curry chicken, but that's okay, as I've sometimes overcooked plantain too, but I'm still giving them 5 stars for great customer service and friendliness. Will need to try some of their other cuisines as I love Carribean food. The price is far cheaper compared to places like Irie Foods. They also have a nice place outside where you can sit and eat your food. Great place. Will definitely be returning again.

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